Take the Next STEP in Your Business


Growth of your company requires a solid business development strategy. We develop and adapt strategies that are tailored to how your unique business operates.


More than the generic dissemination of information, we custom-design training programs that create dynamic, interactive experiences that build skills and shift behavior.


Excellent strategies and amazing training are not enough. We provide the ongoing support and accountability that drives execution to fruition.


Our ultimate goal is to embed your initiative into the fundamental culture of how your business operates. Your people just do it. It’s a matter of principle.



We develop and deliver programs that build skills and shift behavior.  Out training programs can be delivered in an hour, or over the course of a year, and can be designed for a single person to 100,000+.


Literally “to make things easier.” We can facilitate the custom creation of key resources necessary to develop the business.  We also provide group facilitation services such as Board Retreats and Team Building Activities.


Our coaching methodology is designed to provide accountability to set goals and standards.  We provide individuals in leadership and sales positions guidance, feedback, validation, and course correction in response to events as they occur.


Our highest level of service, we support decision making and provide the services necessary to turn businesses around and to take them to the next level.  With your cooperation, we will evaluate the business,  develop the plans, and drive the execution.



The Leading Calibrators in a business.  How well the words used by the people in the business compare to the Core Values, Mission, Vision, and Brand Statements of the company are key indicators of future performance.  We measure and adjust Words used both internally and externally to lead the desired change.


Symbols are Multipliers of communication, allowing vast amounts of information to communicated very quickly.  We identify opportunities to use symbols within the business to drive behavior and effect change in less time.


The Lagging Calibrators,  numbers tell a story.  The numbers a business reports and compares to performance goals indicate breakdowns in the systems and ultimately the people executing them.  We help establish financial goals and Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress and maintain accountability.


Where and how intensely you focus the resources in a business directly effects what results are achieved, how fast, and how well.  We support our clients in determining where their attention and resources should be focused, and for how long, to drive the results they seek.



Cost is measured in much more than money.  Any business owner that has dealt with difficult customers, suppliers, employers, or investors knows that costs are measured in Energy, Space, Timeand Money.  We make our clients very aware very quickly of what various activities in the business are actually costing it, and then take action to reduce them.


Every business depends on the activities of the people in it to function.  And while every activity incurs cost, not every activity produces value.  We assist in determining which activities are producing the most value and which are incurring the most cost. We then work to continually cut the costs and add value.


Time is the deepest calibrator of value.  Appreciation, Depreciation, and the Time-Value of money, inventory and other assets and liabilities affect a company’s wealth and capitalization.  The timing of various activities affect its cash flow.  We evaluate and monitor both to maximize the generation of wealth and flow now and in the future.


The fundamental action in every business activity is Exchange.  Businesses add value with products and services in exchange for money.  Businesses exchange money for Energy, Space, Time, and Materials.  We work with our clients to ensure that as much value is generated as possible for everyone involved.

Make Shift Happen

To create ever more with ever less requires a fundamental shift in thinking. It is not enough to Do more. You must Be more.

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